L' association Roussange

The Association Roussange aims to:


- promote culture, fine arts and reading through books, Web and tactile tablet applications.


- show to children and adults how books are being created using computer tools and softwares for animation creation and graphic effects.


- valorize interaction through diverse medias as paper and digital books, and creation of apps for graphic tablets as iPad with IOS.


- to support the learning of Graphic Arts in a traditional way through drawings using color crayons as well as drawings using computer tools, in order to apprehend the two worlds and to get acquainted with Graphic Multimedias as well as reading through texts adapted according typography, drawings and age.


The Association Roussange is declared at l'INSEE and is eligible to receive subventions and conduct commercial activities.


siret N° 792 642 720 00017

Code ape 9499Z



President : Roussange Vitalija

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