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Main address: 15 rue Malesherbes F-69006 Lyon, France ,
Tel:( 33 )6 63 53 66 13 , E-mail: info(at) Members: is a non profit association created to promote books as well as educative and interactive i-Pad applications for children. Contact us to become a member! -To enable more and more kids to travel to the magic world of Loulou & Friends and experience unforgettable adventures, support us in our recreational and interactive projects, publications, creation of i-Pad applications, Web App, event planning.. Member1 : Roussange Vitalija , Member2 : Roussange Stéphane , History: Once upon a time... There was a girl who had a Koala made of plush and dreamed to become a musketeer; and a boy who didn't have a toy made of plush, but who imagined he were a squirrel, then a lion, then a polar bear, and even a dinosaur. The girl and the boy loved to draw. They were drawing everything and everywhere - on paper, on the computer, a tiny bit on the ground, then a bit on the walls, on their hands and feet, and even on the nose tips of their Mommy and Daddy. Like this, the kids created their magic world. Where you can have fun. Where you can go to the big forest, where you can find a chalet in a hollow, where a giraffe can read, a star eats ice cream, silly things fly a plane, and everything can turn upside down... And then there was... Daddy... A real magician. At his touch, all the screens of the world - from the tiniest to the biggest one - could turn on and transform themselves into the dream country full of colors and sounds. Here, everything moves and you can touch everything. And Mommy... She was walking in the big forest with a golden feather. And everything she touched with this feather, from the tallest tree to the smallest wild strawberry, could talk in all the languages of the world.

L' association Roussange

L' association Roussange a pour objet :


- la promotion de la culture, des beaux-arts et de la lecture au travers du livre, du web et d'applications pour tablettes tactiles.


 - de montrer aux enfants et adultes comment l'on crée des livres avec l'aide de l'outil informatique et des logiciels de créations, d'animations et d'effets graphiques.


- valoriser l'échange au travers de différents médias comme le livre papier et le livre numérique avec la création d'applications pour tablettes graphiques type iPad avec iOS ou Androïd.


- mettre en avant l'apprentissage des arts graphiques que se soit de manière traditionnelle au travers du dessin au crayon de couleur, ... et des outils informatiques de dessins afin d'appréhender les deux mondes et de se familiariser aux arts graphiques multimédias ainsi qu'a la lecture au travers de texte adapté celons la typographie, les dessins et l'âge.


- s'ouvrir vers les langues étrangères et de promouvoir le multilinguisme.


L' association Roussange est fermé.

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